Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fashion. Week.

So I just blogged like a few hours ago. But I'm still bored and I'm dying to blog about something. And then I remembered, LONDON FASHION WEEK.

Today is like officially the 5th day of the London Fashion Week 2012. The chic week started on the 17th of February till the 22nd of February. Held at the Somerset House, where big time fashion designers in London Fashion Industry come together and show off their awesome collection on models strutting down the runway.

Designers ranging from names like Acne, Burberry Prorsum, McQ Alexander McQueen, Moschino Cheap and Chic, Mulberry, Stella McCartney, Topman and Vivienne Westwood.

Will be posting a few okay no wait, AN AWFUL LOT of pictures actually, of the designs for this year's London Fashion Week.

Pics are all from day 1 and 2 though. I'd have a crick in my neck if I wanna try posting pictures of the collection up till day 5 in one post. So the first 2 days will have to do.

















I just can't get my eyes off the blue dress tho. Yup, the 2nd last one. A design by Issa London.

So much more to talk about the Fashion Week but seeing as how it's already 2am and I'm down with a slight fever I should prolly get some sleep. Guess I'm missing my Pretty Little Liars for another night.


They Look Great in Knots.

Haven't blogged since well.. last month. Been going to KL a lot recently. And it's february! Fave month technically cause it's my birthday month. 15th of February. So I'm officially 18 now. You know you're old when you suddenly realize that you don't have to try and sneak in into the 18+ movies anymore. Sigh.

Soo looking forward to the 29th of February. Will be going to Beijing for 6 days! It's currently winter there so you know what that means! WINTER FASHION.

The only reason why I love the winter season. The layered styles. And currently I've developed a massive obsession with scarves! Scarves or any shape, colour and pattern. And since I'm going to Beijing, I have a reason to wear those thick chic scarves or even wear double layered ones for the extra warmth. I mean wearing scarves in Malaysia is fine but come one people! It's like an oven these few days. The scarves will end up being soaked like a face towel after a jog.

My fave pick: The leopard prints.

But that's the thick ones of course. A more suitable kind for our weather would be the sheer ones or those square silk scarves.

Silk scarves are usually worn to the office or to amp up a casual outfit. I received 2 silk scarves from a friend as a birthday present. And they're currently on my what-to-bring-for-Beijing list. :D

But of course we know that scarves aren't just for our necks.

If you guys wanna try out the scarves look but don't know how to tie them the right way or you need other ideas to change your ways of wearing them, then go HERE or HERE. :D

Another fave design by Alexander McQueen. An old collection tho but I still love it nevertheless.

I find myself looking at scarves whenever I enter a particular boutique. Oh and for those who clicked on the links given you'd realize that in one of the videos, Michelle used The Lotus War Scarf by James Jean. Awesome prints but $385?! Sigh.

Toodles! <3

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's The Best But It's Not What WE Want.

Or in my case, not what I want at least. SPM was over like 2 months ago. So I've been thinking of going to this particular college (shall not mention which tho), somewhere in KL. Well, that's not the point. What I'm really trying to write in this 2nd post is that I truly believe that parents should understand what their kids want to do with their lives. Well, provided they don't choose anything that can bring nothing but trouble and loss on themselves of course.

Parents should at least have a heart to heart talk with their kids and have conversations like, "Hey son! So u finished high school. So tell me, what's your next plan?" rather than just go, "Hey son, so I found this good college/uni. It's one of the best. And guess what? I'm gonna go meet up with the guys up there in that super awesome college and get you a spot in that college. Isn't that just great or what?! And I'm still sending you there like it or not."

Yeah sure there's nothing wrong with our parents helping us in making the right decisions for our future. Maybe some of you kids out there will just go along with whatever your parents have decided for you due to reasons like not being bothered or you have this belief that if your parents think that a particular choice that they made is right for you, then you should believe it too. But I'm writing all this down to represent those who bothers and wants to do something that they really want but it's not exactly what their parents had in mind.

Girls and boys, you guys have your own rights to choose whatever you feel is good for yourself. But I'm also not saying that you should rebel against your parents like full on action kinda rebel. To me this post goes out to both parent and child. Child, it's your life. You only live once. So do what makes you happy. So your parents want you to be a surgeon but you wanna be this lawyer and carry briefcases and meeting clients. VOICE IT OUT TO THEM.  Let them know. Even if you know that your chances of convincing your parents to allow you to do it is slim, you have to try. Fight. Explain to them why you're so interested in doing something. Tell them about your passion. It's not like you're fighting for your rights to take drugs freely or something bad. You're fighting for something right. A decent choice to shape your future into something really great.

As for parents, those who've already had a good talk with your kids on what they want to do and agree to their passion and dreams then congratulations. As for those who didn't and can't even be bothered to do so, then shame on you. What have you guys got to lose by just taking a small portion of your time to listen to your kids about what they want in life, about their dreams and about the their passion. Would it kill you? As parents, you guys feel that you've been through the whole high school-college-uni-job stuff like way ahead than your kids so you guys know better. Yeah, I get it. If I were a parent, that would probably be my argument to my kids when they try to argue about a particular choice I've made for them. We've all heard that line, "because I'm the parent." You guys have heard it from your parents and they've heard it from theirs. But right now, I'm not a parent. Yet. So for now I am writing how I and others feel as a child. A student. A teenager.

So teens out there, if you've been having a disagreement with your parents recently or you've overheard that your parents plans to send you off to some fancy school just because well.. it's fancy, please talk to them. Tell them how you really feel, why did you make that choice, why it makes you happy and you really hope they understand and that they would give their never ending support!

A good communication between parents and students is really important to ensure that no one gets hurt or disappointed. It's not easy, I know. Especially when you're either the scared-to-voice-out-my-opinion kind of teenager or the i-am-always-right-cause-i-am-the-parent parent. Learn to compromise. Listen. And understand.

Zee Female Zeus.

Okay so this is like the 2nd time I'm making a blog. Got rid of the old ones like years ago. I just didn't have time to blog and shit. But I guess the mood and interest just came back.

So zeefemalezeus. I just have this big fascination with all those Greek gods and crap. It was actually the link to my Tumblr Dead Goddess . Pretty much just reused the damn link. Lol.

A simple introduction (it's not really an introduction, i know). :)