Wednesday, February 22, 2012

They Look Great in Knots.

Haven't blogged since well.. last month. Been going to KL a lot recently. And it's february! Fave month technically cause it's my birthday month. 15th of February. So I'm officially 18 now. You know you're old when you suddenly realize that you don't have to try and sneak in into the 18+ movies anymore. Sigh.

Soo looking forward to the 29th of February. Will be going to Beijing for 6 days! It's currently winter there so you know what that means! WINTER FASHION.

The only reason why I love the winter season. The layered styles. And currently I've developed a massive obsession with scarves! Scarves or any shape, colour and pattern. And since I'm going to Beijing, I have a reason to wear those thick chic scarves or even wear double layered ones for the extra warmth. I mean wearing scarves in Malaysia is fine but come one people! It's like an oven these few days. The scarves will end up being soaked like a face towel after a jog.

My fave pick: The leopard prints.

But that's the thick ones of course. A more suitable kind for our weather would be the sheer ones or those square silk scarves.

Silk scarves are usually worn to the office or to amp up a casual outfit. I received 2 silk scarves from a friend as a birthday present. And they're currently on my what-to-bring-for-Beijing list. :D

But of course we know that scarves aren't just for our necks.

If you guys wanna try out the scarves look but don't know how to tie them the right way or you need other ideas to change your ways of wearing them, then go HERE or HERE. :D

Another fave design by Alexander McQueen. An old collection tho but I still love it nevertheless.

I find myself looking at scarves whenever I enter a particular boutique. Oh and for those who clicked on the links given you'd realize that in one of the videos, Michelle used The Lotus War Scarf by James Jean. Awesome prints but $385?! Sigh.

Toodles! <3